Are There Laws About the Standards Treatment Centers Need to Meet?

When determining what type of standards rehab centers are held to, it varies state by state. Certification of rehab facilities are undertaken at the state level, but not every state holds rehab centers to the same standard. While some states do have requirements for rehab facilities, not every state oversees the standardization of these centers. For rehab to be in operation, they have to meet certain maintenance and operational standards. These standards determine the kinds of employees that can work at these facilities, the equipment used, and the types of treatment offered.

Standards and Regulations for Treatment Centers

While each state will have its own various regulations for these rehabs, there are standard licensing requirements that most treatments facilities have to meet. Basic licensing requirements generally include the following:

  • Fees for every residential bed and every site
  • Specific demonstration of qualifications, licenses, and requirements of personnel
  • Numerous certifications and qualifications to be met before medications can be administered
  • Adherence to the ADA’s requirements
  • Submission of floor plans and similar requirements
  • Inspections of gas, electrical, and all utilities by the respective agencies
  • Kitchen inspections from appropriate authorities
  • Inspections from fire marshals
  • Certification for federal and local inspections
  • Certificate of occupancy required for all businesses
  • Liability insurance proof
  • Acceptable operational plans
  • Formalized process for each applicant

To learn more about each facility’s required certifications and licensing, visit your state’s website.

Why Rehab Accreditation is Important

In addition to these state requirements, accreditation is another means of standardizing rehab centers. While certain states don’t require rehab centers to be accredited, receiving accreditation will set these rehab centers apart in their industry. Though this process is quite expensive and lengthy, clients will know that accredited rehab centers are compliant with confidentiality laws and that they prioritize the safety of their clients. Rehab accreditation refers to whether or not a facility has undergone certain evaluations by the accreditation agency. For rehabs to be accredited, they must receive a thorough review which includes opening up their therapy and drug rehab programs for evaluation. The following are the benefits of accreditation:

  • Marketing promotion and programs Rehab centers that have achieved accreditation are allowed to promote this stamp of approval. As these facilities take pride in their standard of treatment, clients will better be able to make the right choice when deciding which rehab program to choose.
  • Quality care Accreditation reviews a rehab center’s ability to treat their patients. Thus, these treatment centers are required to offer the highest quality of treatment and care in order to meet the accrediting body’s standards.
  • Therapeutic environment As accredited centers under a serious vetting process, they are often thought to be safer than other centers that haven’t taken the same steps to safeguard their treatments and facilities. This type of therapeutic environment will be more conducive to encouraging your sobriety.
  • Insurance reimbursement Oftentimes, insurance companies use whether or not a facility is accredited to determine if a patient will be approved for reimbursement of services. If you’re going to have to pay out-of-pocket for treatment, it’s best to go ahead and find a facility that’s more likely to be approved for reimbursement.

Recovery Success at Treatment Centers

When it comes to recovery, it’s important to choose a treatment center that is most capable of meeting your needs and has a track record for quality care, expert employees, and a clean and safe environment for therapy. While recovery depends on multiple factors, the type of treatment center you go to can impact your process. It’s best to choose a reputable facility and accreditation can determine whether or not a specific rehab center is a right choice for you.

Attending an accredited facility for addiction treatment will ensure that you experience a certain standard of care that will allow you to enjoy the best treatment possible. When choosing the right rehab center, be sure to find one that has a history of successful recovery rates and any accreditation or licensing that will prove the recovery center meets certain standards. If you have questions regarding what type of standards treatment centers have to meet, please contact us at 833-762-3739. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day.