Are There Government Resources for Seeking Rehab in Indiana?

Seeking treatment in Indiana? While there are a variety of rehab centers to consider, many of them come at a significant cost. Thankfully, there are certain alternatives to these treatments if you aren’t equipped to pay for them out of pocket or if you don’t have insurance.

Government Resources for Rehab in Indiana

Individuals that are seeking treatment can turn to government-funded facilities to find treatment. In Indiana, there are three options for this sort of government-funded treatment, as well as free rehabs:

  • State-Funded Rehab in Indiana

In Indiana, state-funded facilities are operated by government funding in the form of subsidies and grants from the state or county government. This kind of program is connected closely with the state courts and as a result,t tend to have several court-mandated” clients. Additionally, these treatment centers often have a long waiting list as they are often free or low-cost.

  • Vocational Rehab

Vocational rehabs receive funding from clients that work as part of the treatment program. Most of these programs often operate using a strong Christian doctrine along with the added work element. Teen Challenge and the Salvation Army are examples of these vocational rehabs.

  • Donation Based Rehab

These donation based rehabs tend to have a majority or all of their funding donated by an organization or an individual. These types of rehabs include private facilities that offer scholarships. However, any scholarships today are practically non-existent with private care facilities. These donation based rehabs tend to be particularly rare unless they are supported by an organization or a church.

Advantages of Choosing Government-Funded Rehab Facilities

Government alcohol and drug treatment centers do offer excellent care for individuals seeking treatment for addiction. While private institutions are an option for many, state institutions are able to provide basic resources for addiction counseling, the detox process, and outpatient treatment.

Consider the following benefits of a government-funded rehab center:

  • Price

These government-funded agencies offer services at no cost or using a sliding scale model. Individuals that choose to use these rehab centers might be asked to pay part of the treatment costs, but this amount is relatively negligible when considering the benefit of becoming sober.

Individuals that experience difficulty paying these expenses can rely on the government for particular payment plans to pay off these costs. Alternatively, they can search for other sources of coverage. As profit isn’t the goal of these government facilities, many of them are willing to work with others to provide them with the resources they need to become sober.

  • Professionals

Government centers only employ qualified practitioners that all work towards the goal of allowing you to become sober. These government-funded facilities treat patients with the latest in research, interventions, and medications.

  • Accountability

As these facilities are run by the government, these centers have to be held accountable for how their funding is spent. Programs that are unsuccessful are discontinued and agencies must prove effectiveness in order to stay open.

Finding Resources for Government Rehab Facilities in Indiana

While these facilities exist, they can be challenging to locate. Find local government facilities in Indiana by searching the following resources:


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA will connect you to government treatment centers near you, simply enter your zip code on their website.</li>

  • Your primary care doctor

Speak with your doctor about their recommendations for government facilities. There are many free clinics in major cities that offer addiction programs. Your doctor should be able to direct you to these facilities. </li>

  • Hospitals with detox services

Certain hospitals may offer services in tandem with certain clinics to treat patients that need addiction treatment, regardless of their income or insurance.

Things to Consider About Free Rehabs

It’s important to note that there are distinctions between government-funded facilities and free rehabs. In Indiana, free rehabs tend to have withdrawal components, but in most cases, these facilities don’t offer medically supervised detox. This means that medications are never prescribed for these withdrawal symptoms. In the event that a patient may experience medical danger during their withdrawal, these treatment facilities often refer them to the hospital first.

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