Affordable Drug Rehab Centers – Are There Ways to Have Fees Waived for Affordable Drug Rehab Centers?

With the opiate crisis rising all over the United States, many people wonder why addicted do not seek help for their problems instead of living the life of a drug addict. It is rare that someone stops to think of the actual cost of drug rehabilitation centers besides the ones seeking help. For those seeking help, but cannot afford the cost of rehabilitation, you should know that there is financial assistance available to you.

Insurance Coverage Options

There was once a time when many Americans could not afford health insurance, so many people went without health care or drug rehabilitation due to lack of medical insurance. However, The Affordable Care Act changed that and more Americans are insured. Health insurance is now an option that helps cover at least part of the medical expenses incurred while trying to reach a life of sobriety. If low income or lack of income is an issue with purchasing medical insurance, even when purchased through the Marketplace, Medicaid or Medicare may be an option.

State-funded Addiction Centers

If medical insurance is still not obtainable, or if insurance does not cover enough of the out-of-pocket expenses to make rehabilitation affordable, state-funded addiction centers are an option to consider. State possess the ability to set up these treatment centers through federal funding and available state funds. Services are provided free of charge. However, these centers have specific requirements in place for qualification. These requirements often include:

– Proof of state residency
– Proof of inability to pay (proof of income)
– Proof of United States Citizenship

The main problem with most state-funded facilities is that they are often full. It is often necessary for a potential patient to be put on a waiting list for an available bed.

Locally Funded Addiction Centers

If you have been put on a waiting list for a state-funded drug rehabilitation center, you also have to option to seek out the assistance of a locally funded center. Through the assistance of grants and local donations, very often, churches or other local non-profit organizations ban together to provide the community with the option of free drug or alcohol rehabilitation. The admission process is similar to that of the state-funded centers and they are often full. Locally funded centers depend on the financial assistance of the community and can only serve as many patients as funds allow. Much like state-funded centers, there is often a waiting list with these centers.

Substance Abuse Grants and Scholarships

If you do not have medical insurance, or if you do and still cannot afford the expenses associated with drug rehabilitation, there are substance abuse grants available to help with the partial or full costs of associated services. Many substance abuse facilities offer financial aid in the form of grant and scholarship programs. Many facilities offer to match or at least partially match or even fully cover the cost of care under the right circumstances. Contact individual local facilities and inquire which ones offer these services and which ones do not offer them. Be prepared to prove your inability to pay the full price of services when applying for any scholarship or grant of this type.

Veteran’s Association

The Veteran’s Association offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation to eligible veterans. For veterans who cannot afford the out of pocket expenses related to rehabilitation, this may be an option. Some of the services the V.A. offers include:

– inpatient treatment
– short-term and long-term outpatient treatment
– detox and follow-up

Additionally, the V.A. offers services to qualified veterans such as self-help groups and medication to aid with the side effects of withdrawal.

Family and Friends

If all other options are explored and fail, family and friends are always an option. Even for those who think their family and friends have all given up on them, that is not always the case. If a loved one is in a financial position to help another loved one to beat addiction, they often are willing. Most people would rather help pay for the cost of drug or alcohol rehabilitation than to pay for the cost of burying a loved one. If you know someone in the position to help with the cost, ask for the help.

For many people fighting addiction, the cost is the main factor in why they do not seek treatment. Without treatment, their chances of recovery decrease. If you are ready to start your treatment but fear the cost, call us today at 833-762-3739.