Advice On Finding The Right Indiana Addiction Treatment Center

Roughly, one in every 10 Americans is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Many more people are joining this dreaded statistic every year. About 23% of Americans are growing or grew up in households where a parent is struggling with alcohol abuse. If you are one of them, or you fear you could be one of them, you should consider rehab. Here is how to go about it.

Start With Yourself

It might sound counter-productive to start with yourself, but it is a critical step in your life. Answer a few questions about yourself and your life goals. For a starter, ask the following questions. Can I control my substance abuse anymore? What do I want in life? Is addiction preventing me from achieving my life goals? Which life goals are at risk? You can write it down in a diary, or scribble it down on a paper.

It should focus your life in one direction. Alcohol and drugs take you in the opposite direction of your life goals and aspirations. They threaten your career, family, health, and relationships. If you can fully comprehend the role addiction plays in your life, you will indeed have a clear path to pursue.

Once you do that, visit a physician. He or she will advise you on the best way forward. If he recommends an addiction treatment center, move on to the next stage.

Scout For A Perfect Fit

Many organizations are offering this service. All promise to provide quality services. The physician you visited will recommend you a facility. However, do not take his or her word for it. Compare the facility with other facilities. He or she may refer you to a practice that offers him the best referral rates, not necessarily the provider that you need. Some of the things to look out for are listed below.

  • Longevity of the organization
  • Level of experience of key staff
  • Accreditation of the institution
  • Treatment procedures and policies
  • Amenities
  • Costs

Organizations that have been there for a while know how to handle your problem. After many years of managing similar cases, they should have experienced and specialist professionals in every area.

However, do not take these things at face value. At least 17 million Americans are like you, and they are actively looking for a treatment facility, which makes this a multi-billion dollar industry. Some facilities are there for market share.

How To Differentiate Between A Good Addiction Treatment Centers From Bad Ones

Do not be bamboozled by amenities. They make your life comfortable, but they only work up to a certain level beyond which they do not add value to the healing process. Look out for decent amenities. Some providers focus all their attention on renting out prime properties so that they can charge top-dollar for it. They may not have your interests at heart. Pricey does not equate to effective. Some are too cheap to be real. If an NGO or religious organizations do not sponsor them, they may not offer standard services.

You must have tried before to quit, many times maybe, without success. An addiction center will guide you through the process. They do not work miracles; frown upon anyone promising instant results. The road to sobriety is rugged; the risk of relapse is real. The earlier you accept that fact, the higher your success factors. Instead, look out for those that promise to track your progress, those that insist on discipline, and those that offer favorable payment terms. If a service accepts mainstream insurance, the better it is for your financial health.

There are various treatment options available for you in Indiana. Each center subscribes to a particular policy. Some use drug therapies such as methadone while others don’t. Some recommend long-term treatment options as a support mechanism. Others use a combination of individual and group-counseling while other use just one. Study the pros and cons of each to know which one will suit your situation.

Going to rehab is a crucial decision in life; it requires support from family, loved ones, colleagues, and friends. Involve someone else to help you with the decision. Some people try to do it themselves. If you do so, when the temptations come, they do, there will be no one around you to push you on.

When you are ready, please give us a call (833) 762-3739. We will walk the journey with you.