Do Addiction Treatment Facilities Give a Discount to Union Members?

Seventy-seven percent of addicted individuals are employed. Society’s increasing acceptance of addiction as a disease has propelled workplaces to assist their employees in attaining addiction treatment. Most health insurance plans pay for at least a portion of addiction treatment.

If you are a union worker, you most likely receive many more job benefits than non-union workers regarding job security, paid time off, and health benefits. However, addiction treatment facilities do not directly give a discount to union members. Most likely, you receive better health benefits from your union job than the health benefits than non-union jobs render to their employees. Your health insurance plan will most likely cover a decent percentage of your addiction treatment or more than 30 days of addiction treatment, which is the amount of time that most insurance plans cover. Addiction treatment centers are well-aware that most union members receive better coverage for addiction treatment, which is why they tend to target their services to them and allow them to take their time in the progress of their treatment. You should consult with your health insurance company to acquire the specific coverage that you can receive for addiction treatment.

Though becoming increasingly uncommon, employees can be terminated for currently suffering from addiction under certain employment agreements (e.g. at-will employment). Most likely, you will not have to worry about being terminated from a union job for suffering from addiction. Do not be afraid to ask your human resources department and/or union any questions that you may have.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a disease just like cancer and heart disease. People would easily view denying cancer sufferers the necessary treatment because they do not have enough money to pay for it as immoral and deplorable. Addiction sufferers should not be denied quality treatment because they do not have the money to pay. The liberty that a recovery lifestyle provides is priceless; however, the addiction treatment industry is still fledgling, which is they need to put a price tag on their services to pay for the people and amenities that carry out the quality treatment.

Health insurance is the most common resource that people to pay at least some of the cost of addiction treatment. However, health insurance plans do not cover addiction treatment as easily as they cover a visit to a primary doctor. There are several issues people face when using their health insurance to pay for addiction treatment.

Covering a Small Percentage

Insurance plans often cover a small percentage of addiction treatment; therefore, individuals and families still have to pay a hefty out-of-pocket cost. Some insurance plans may not cover any portion until the deductible is met.

Not Covering Enough Time

Research shows that ninety or more days of inpatient treatment produces higher success rates in most people. Insurance plans most commonly cover no more than thirty days, which is the amount of time it
takes to detoxify the body. Insurance companies fail to recognize that treating addiction is much more complex than detoxifying the body of the addictive substances. The lingering physiological effects and complex psychological component needs to be treated beyond the first thirty days.

Only Covering In-Network Providers

Just like most other doctors and services, insurance plans have a list of addiction treatment centers and counselors that are in their network. The list of in-network facilities may be limited and may not consist of the best facilities. The list may not consist of facilities that specialize in a certain area (e.g. gender, LGBT, Christian, etc.), which some people may need. Insurance plans also prefer to cover in-state facilities, which are often not beneficial for the people’s recovery because they should get out of their environment to avoid relapse triggers and decrease the risk of giving up on treatment.

There are many other sources people can turn to for assistance:

• Treatment Scholarships
• Charity Help
• Government Assistance
• Personal Loans
• Family/Friends
• Employers

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