Addiction Treatment with Anthem Health Insurance

You may be or have been going through difficult times in your life trying to find the right direction, but unfortunately, addiction to certain things cannot just let you achieve your goals. Do not worry; Anthem Insurance aims at providing you with addiction treatment coverage to help you get back on track, set your goals, and fulfill your destiny. Additionally, you are assured of counseling and rehab coverage at our accredited facilities nationwide.


Types of Addiction Treatments


Anthem Insurance insists on the application of well trained and licensed health officers with specialties in mental health conditions. Psychologists, psychiatric or behavioral health nurse specialists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and social workers will take you through the treatment and recovery process.


Detoxification: Once you get admitted to a health facility, trained and licensed health officers will take you through some processes before the real treatment. Detoxification is a pre-treatment exercise meant to drive out existing matter that may have played a massive part in causing addiction.


Outpatient Regular Care: Outpatient treatment enables you to receive health care services regularly upon visiting healthcare facilities. If health facilities receive large numbers of visitors, our coverage allows you to find regular assistance. Be sure to plan on how you will commute; let your family and friends be supportive to help you achieve the treatment and recovery process. Our insurance cover provides outpatient treatment to assist you in the fight against addiction.


Inpatient Treatment Program: Are you experiencing earnest mental conditions? Find solace by visiting one of our accredited health facilities to benefit from your insurance cover. Inpatient treatment aims at enabling you to partially detach yourself from the outside world to offer you a chance of starting over again.


Residential Treatment: We have received reports from various health facilities concerning some visitors who lack a consistent living environment. If you fall into this group, we are here to help you the best way we know-how. Through our health coverage, you are entitled to residential care in various facilities countrywide. The care takes a few months or several, depending on the condition of the addiction. A point to note is that different facilities have different policies regulating the residential treatment program.


Where a Person Live While Receiving Treatment


The choice of accommodation depends on the type of treatment he or she is receiving. For instance, a person undergoing an inpatient treatment has to stay in the hospital’s premises while a person on an outpatient module is required to commute from home.




Anthem-contracted professional counselors conduct comprehensive counseling sessions. The counselor will reveal to you the number of sessions you need keeping in mind the type of condition.


What a Typical Day Looks Like


Once you get admitted for addiction treatment with Anthem Insurance, an exciting full day of activity and sessions awaits you. Enjoy a healthy breakfast followed by classes; afternoons are specialized for therapeutic activities after heavy lunches. Afterward, there is time for leisure activities.


You are allowed to access the mobile phone, but this can be limited depending on a person’s condition—the state a person will also determine if they are in a position to work. Therefore solving a problem that affects your work is advisable. You may even call home to request the attention of a family member who can assist in the healing process—additionally, complete detoxification and rehab treatment as an assurance of recovery.


We get entangled by habits that affect our daily lives. However, finding the best health coverage will set us free. Anthem Insurance is a friend you need to guide you to a new beginning.

You Are Not Alone

Addiction does not need to define your life forever. With help and through treatment, you are given the tools to live your best life, being the healthiest version of yourself. To start your newfound journey toward sobriety and recovery, make the first steps and seek assistance today.